Sten 11

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The first Mares Sten was created in 1967. The Sten has become the best dive buddy to countless spearfishermen around the world, appreciating its precision, power, and reliability. Mares now offers the Sten and Sten 11; two versions to satisfy every need. Both models share highly sensitive release mechanisms with connecting piston between the trigger and the 1.5mm release cog; trigger sensitivity adjustment system and ergonomic handle with high-visibility white grip; reinforced cone with steel inserted line guide and patented Mares safety.
- Sten uses a two-piece head, 13mm internal barrel, and 8mm shaft with threaded tip ensuring excellent power and penetration.
- Sten 11 takes full advantage of the 11mm internal barrel, combined with a 7mm shaft, releasing at a higher speed while maintaining excellent penetration, even in large prey.
One-piece head in a lighter weight and 7mm Tahitian shaft Race comes in 84, 100 and 110 sizes. The other sizes utilize 7mm shafts with a threaded tip.
All with power adjusting system.