Cikkszám: 422449
Méretek: II, III, IV, V, VI
Unisex ruházat

Tailored new preformed cut ensures comfort and excellent fit. A true fit evenly distributes the neoprene over the entire body, eliminating restrictions of movement, and gaps between body and suit.
The new Squadra suit is manufactured from one of the best blends of neoprene available on the market, combined with a supple outer covering and open-cell lining.
A new anti-slip chest pad and neoprene “shock absorber” is glued inside for greater comfort when loading the speargun. A system of quick-connect grommets lend to quick and effortless fastening of the beaver tail.
The preformed pant is designed for easier movement while kicking, paying special attention to the area behind the knee. There’s a border of soft folded neoprene on the face, wrists, and ankles seals.
Jacket and pants sold separately.

422449 Jacket Squadra 55
422450 Pants Squadra 55
422451 Long John Squadra 55