Squadra Tec

Cikkszám: 422442
Méretek: II, III, IV, V, VI
Unisex ruházat

The Squadra Tec is a highly technical preformed suit used by spearfishing and freediving professionals. This suit is made of neoprene with a smooth exterior and open-cell interior. The decision to use one of the best blends of neoprene available on the market make it possible to guarantee maximum comfort, increased elasticity, great thermal capacity, and resistance to compressing.
On the preformed jacket, the gun loading area is composed of neoprene with an outer lining and chest padding. A system of quick-connect grommets makes it fast and easy to fasten the beaver tail.
The preformed high-waist pant was designed to make it easier to move while kicking, paying special attention to the area on the back of the knee. On the skirt, wrists, and ankles there is an elastic border in soft back-folded neoprene.
5.5mm jacket and pants sold separately.

422447: Jacket Squadra Tec 70 Smooth Open Cell
422442: Jacket Squadra Tec 55 Smooth Open Cell
422443: Pants Squadra Tec 55 Smooth Open Cell