Eos Pro

Cikkszám: 425661

Innovative torch specifically for spearfishing. It uses a single high-efficiency latest-generation LED. The 3-watt bulb produces 300 lumen of light output. Pairing
this LED with a special polycarbonate reflector, we achieved a double-cone light
beam of extraordinary intensity. Aluminum head lined in noise absorbing rubber and body in charged nylon. Sliding magnetic switch with mechanical return and
continuous-on lever. Mechanical safety prevents accidental switch-on. Adjustable
polyurethane strap with safety break point. Powered by 8 1.5 V AA or rechargeable AA (2700 mAh) batteries. 300 minutes of continuous burn time and over 700 minutes with intermittent 60 second on/off.
Dimensions: length 178mm, minimum width 33mm, maximum width 60mm