2014. Október 06.

Fusion 52x

It’s here, the turning point in regulator technology, the benchmark: Fusion 52X
Unlike any that has gone before it, the Fusion 52X is a departure from traditional regulator technology, and a point of great pride for Mares. 
The traditional bypass has been transformed, now providing a 77% increase in air flow, with a double curvature to provide smoother airflow and optimized performance; it really is the best of the best.
For the first time, a second stage regulator is equipped with flow control (Mares’ patented Twin Power) which takes the delivery rate of gas from natural breathing to power breathing, you’re in control.
The new valve system in the 52X gives optimized performance, with a 600% increase in durability, even under the most extreme conditions. 
All this is covered with a sleek, stylish satin finish, making the Fusion stand out from the crowd.
The wait is finally over!