Cikkszám: 412332
Méretek: I, II, III, IV, V
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Where every mm counts!

•Backzip Suit•PU printed graphics•Instrument grip on both wrists
Best known as the “off road” diving suit, it delivers greater comfort due to
an improved pattern and cut. Featuring a back zip, ultra-stretch panels,
PU printed graphics, instrument grip on both wrists, D-ring for attaching
the hood when not in use and a non-rubber custom closure. Zippers at the
ankles ensure easier and more comfortable donning and doffing. The hood
features a pressure relief system designed to release air and self-equalize.
You’ll never be left searching for your hood; simply attach it to the built
in D-ring on the right leg. New neck closure with anti-scratch system
prevents pilling when the suit is not worn.

The 5mm version has standard wrist and ankle seals and no zippers at
the ankles.

7mm version: 412332
5mm version: 412330
Man version: 412331 (7mm), 412329 (5mm)